Sunday, September 27, 2009

A few from today...

The Amphitheater ROCKED...
Kristie and Kona worked hard at registration...
Marc Dettman and a bunch of G.R. racers made the trek...
Anne Grofvert took home a big W in the Elite Women's race...
Rob Selle on the MAXXIS barrier set...
Tim Saari put on a clinic during the 11-lap Men's elite race...
The Elite Men's podium as seen through the lens of Curt Potocki...nothing in Michigan can compare!

Photo Albums online:

RESULTS - 2009 Ithaca GP

Thanks to everyone that came out today!

1. Doug Jacobson
2. Jeff Nixon
3. Ryan McKinnie
4. Matthew Spruit
5. Curt Potocki
6. Marc Dettman
7. Chris Davison
8. Peter Sandretto
9. Greg Johnson
10. David Chapman
11. Mike Doezema
12. Ben Miller
13. Jeff Festian
14. Lee Premp
15. Patrick Drueke
16. Jamie Rytlewski
17. Chad Ielfree
18. Patrick Tomlinson
19. Greg Geisler (-1 lap)
20. Bob Bydra (-1 lap)
DNF Cameron Marshall

1. Heather Kubiak
2. Amy Haney
3. Vanessa Stauffer
4. Andrea Davis

Juniors 14 & Under
1. Billy Kroll
2. Nolan Osgood

1. Patrick Russell
2. Scott Fabijanski
3. Erik Koehler
4. Jason Boyton
5. Zack Manio
6. Keith Feldt
7. Ray Auger
8. Daniel Geron
9. David Staublin
10. Brian Mitchell
11. Dave Hollis
12. Matt Levasseur
13. Scott Walburn
14. Todd Powers
15. Mike Koetsier
16. Tom McArdle
17. Douglas reed
18. Russ Greenwood
19. John Kowalczyk
20. Doug Gatto
21. Tim Bender
22. Kurt Martin
23. John Osgood

Elite Women
1. Anne Grofvert
2. Kim Thomas
3. Lillian Ruiz

Juniors 15-18
1. Addison Evon

Elite Men
1. Tim Saari
2. Tony Wieczorek
3. Matt Ashley
4. Michael Simonson
5. Brian Hancock
6. Terry Ritter
7. Rob Selle
8. Jimmy McMurray

Masters 35+
1. Andrew Weir
2. Jeff Haney
3. Mike Seaman
4. Clint Vernon
5. Jimmy McMurray
6. Ron Stack
7. Terry Ritter
8. Ken O'Day
9. Keith Reige
10. Craig Rawlings
11. David Chapman
DNF Bob Wydra

1. Eric Keeler
2. Wayne Cook
3. Patrick Russell
4. John Osgood
5. Aaron Dowling
6. Brad Hranack
7. Russ Greenwood
8. Trae Bott
9. Dave Staublin
10. Mike Ring
11. Frank Kroll
12. Benjamin Tompkins
13. Ben Miller
14. Jeff Festian
15. Ryan McKinnie

Doug Jacobson, Heather Kubick, Billy Kroll, Erik Kohler, Addison Evon, Matt Ashley, Tim Saari, Mike Seaman, Eric Keeler says today will be partly cloudy with temps in the upper 60's and low 70's...what a great day for 'cross.

Results will be posted here later!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The course!

All set today with lots of work from the Team Sandbag boys! Check out the map from Curt Potocki.

Remember to watch your speed in the city...I can distinctly remember when Brent used to announce the same thing at the Jailhouse trail years back.

See you tomorrow!!

Twin Six

Whew! Just in time...Twin Six hit a home run for the GP!

Friday, September 25, 2009


My wife rocks...for the second year in a row she has made the best awards in the state, hands down. This year the Elite Women, Men, and SS Categories will have one of these originals up for grabs...race like your tires are on fire!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coaching prizes

Tucker Olander - former young Michigan standout 'crosser - now resides in Colorado and is doing his best to make the jump as a pro. Tucker has offered up discounts to his coaching for select category finishers in 2nd and 3rd place! Peak to Peak Coaching is the company - Tucker is the coach!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cyclocross Magazine

Up for grabs at the race THIS SUNDAY will be back issues from Cyclocross Magazine! Not only are they giving away free subscriptions, but CX MAG has donated a pair of tires, Transition (DVD), and a pair of Oakleys to the cause!

Even though online registration is closed, you can still register at the event! The swag is piled up...newest addition is the Specialized S-Works helmet, Houfflalize tires, and 'cx tubes!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reg and Swag

With the cyclocross season officially getting underway last weekend with the Cannonsburg events, we're in full swing for 'cross! After you race this weekend be sure to jump online and pre-register for the Ithaca GP! Online registration closes at MIDNIGHT on Sunday. Save yourself the $10 late fee and make your plans!

Also, just for Doug, here's a shot of about 70% of the swag for the GP. A few items are too big to fit on the table...Prize packages, primes, and awards are all set and ready to go!

Don't forget VETTA'S WORST MECHANICAL prize on the day! If you have to visit the pits make sure to let me'll be in the running for a took kit!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Feedback Sports

New shipment arrived today! Win a Pro-Ultralight repair stand or one of a few Alpine Digital Scales and Rakk storage stands, which are perfect for 'cross!

Sunday, September 13, 2009




Practice your starts and clip-in's because there is COLD HARD CASH on the line! For those of you new to the GP, the start is located on the pavement towards the center of the park. You head south, UP the hill, before turning onto the finishing straight and proceeding on the course for your first lap. Overall the start straight is roughly 150 m in length and climbs almost all the way to the turn. The prime spot will be located roughly 20 m in front of the turn. Check out the very rough course map on the right column of this page to see what the start looks like. In addition to $200 in cash, subscriptions to CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE and swag from the MBRA is also on the line!

There is also a special prime available to the ELITE MEN...

Friday, September 11, 2009

New developments!

Vetta has stepped up HUGE! Check out the computers, lights, and tool kits up for grabs at this year's GP...
As always, help support the sponsors that support the GP!


1st - Mike Wissink
2nd - Jeff Weinert
3rd - Tim Sari
4th - Don Cameron
5th - Rich Stark

With the Wisconsin USGP's on the same weekend as the Ithaca GP, it sounds like the elite field will be missing at least the top two from the last two years...will it be your turn to stand on top of an elite podium? Will Anne Swartz let go of her stranglehold of Michigan wins?


A few things to look forward to...

Monday, September 7, 2009


This just in from F1 Ceramic! Aside from replacing your chain and cassette once or twice a season, have you ever taken the time to check your derailleur pulleys? First, do that. Second, either WIN one of three pair at the Ithaca GP or stop by F1 Ceramic and pick yourself up a set!

Also available online for your bicycle bling upgrade are ceramic bottom brackets and wheel bearings. Check them out and support the sponsors that support the GP!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Need yet another reason to race at the third annual Ithaca Grand Prix? How about a chance to win a SPECIALIZED S-WORKS HELMET or HOUFFALIZE TIRES!!
Prizes are crazy good this year, don't miss out!