Online registration is run through USA Cycling's online registration system.  Since the race will again be a USAC-sanctioned event (thanks Team Sandbag!) you will need to either carry a USAC Road or Mountain license or purchase a one-day license ($10)  to cover insurance.

Your USAC category will be strictly upheld as to the class in which you race - please make sure you take care of any upgrades PRIOR to registering for and attending the Ithaca GP!

If you do not currently hold an annual license you will be required to race in the CATEGORY 5 race per 2014 USAC rules. 

Pre-registration for all non-juniors is only $25.  Day-of registration for all non-juniors is $30.  Juniors may register for $5 before or on race day.

Thanks for supporting the Ithaca GP  I hope to see you on Saturday, September 6, 2014!  Any questions please e-mail racepromoter /at/ gmail /dot/ com (without the slashes...).