Saturday, June 20, 2009


Online registration through the NEW Sportsbaseonline will be open shortly!  Remember, registering early saves you $10 and my wife the hassle of getting your stuff together the morning of!  USAC releases will be pre-filled out for you, so it will literally take you the time to write your signature and grab your goodie bag on race day.  Try a second race on the day for only $10 (no late fee applies).  Bring your singlespeed MTB (if you don't have a ss 'cx bike) and have fun in the first ever Ithaca GP ss race!

Categories and times will be as follows:

9:00 Registration opens

10:00 C-Men, B-Women, Juniors 14 & U

11:00 B-Men ($90/3), Elite Women ($150/3), Juniors 15-18

12:00 Elite Men ($250/5)

1:15 Masters 35+, Singlespeed ($90/3)

Awards and prize drawing to immediately follow the 1:15 races.

Hope you've started training for 'cx!


Doug said...

When does the fee go up? Just day of?

I'll show up with 10 minutes to spare just to hassle your wife. And I'll pin the number on the wrong side of my jersey, and upside down to boot :).

Brian said...

Fee goes up on the day of the race, and reg closes the previous Sunday. So I guess you could say the fee goes up on the previous Monday, but reg is closed until the raceday!