Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the winner is....

Marc on his way to 6th in the C's at the 2009 Ithaca GP
Official results:

1) Albert
2) Peeters
3) Pauwells
4) Meeusen
5) Aernouts

1) Vos
2) Van Den Brand
3) Cant
4) Van Passen
5) Compton

Marc's pics were:
Sven Nys
Neils Albert
Zdenek Stybar
Rob Peeters

Katie Compton
Daphny van den Brand
Marianne Vos
Sanne Cant
Lucie Chainel-Lefevre

Marc correctly picked three of the top five elite men including Pauwells 3rd place finish.  Most everyone was stymied by sty-bee's lack of performance today.  And Nys seemed as usual to give up once the podium seemed out of touch, finishing in a disappointing 7th.  However, even more impressive was Marc's pics for the elite women's race!

Congrats Marc, not get off the couch and start training!  Ithaca is less than seven and a half months away!!

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