Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kuat Innovations and the NV

One thing that all 'cross races have in common is 'cross racing.

One thing that all 'cross races DON'T have in common is awesome sponsors like Kuat Racks.  Why is Kuat Racks an awesome sponsor?  Because YOU can win one of the most purpose-built hitch-mount bike racks ever built.
Why is the Kuat NV the best rack for cyclocross?  It's simple.  Unlike every other rack company, Kuat included a work stand into the NV.  So you want to work on your muddy 'cross bike between your pre-ride and the race?  No problem.  You don't want to scratch up your shiny new car (or old beater car) by leaning your bike against it after the race?  No problem.  Snap it into the integrated repair stand and do work, my friend.

As always, support the sponsors that support the Ithaca GP!

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