Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cyclocross Magazine: 2nd Place Sponsor!

Cyclocross Magazine is the official 2nd place sponsor of this year's GP!  In addition to providing the best all around 'cross coverage there is, check out for more cyclocross chatter.  Michigan even has a group online!

2nd place finishers will receive a digital subscription to Cyclocross Magazine, packed with entertaining and authoritative content, plus a sweet pair of arm warmers!  Who knows, there may be even more sweetness thrown in for your efforts.  In addition, all podium finishers and a few other lucky winners will receive a two-month digital all access pass to the best cyclocross content on the web!

Not the digital type?  You can always subscribe to the original, paper version as well.  Don't forget to check out their online-only articles and updates, perfect for your mid-week 'cross fix.  No matter which format you choose, be sure to look for the Ithaca GP advertisement.

As always, help support the sponsors that support the Ithaca GP!

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