Friday, September 7, 2012


Today is set-up day and there are a few things to check off the list!  First is a radio interview with Tallon, Ithaca's amazing sound guy, at 8:00 on WMLM (1520 am).  After that I'll be headed to the park to spray the start, finish, and PRIME lines (primes are sponsored by  Then I'll be running a few errands before heading back to the course for set up.

The last sponsorship package arrived yesterday from!  The top five singlespeed racers are competing for a bag of the most premium beam from Costa Rica.  However everyone can enjoy Drake's Coffee goodness at the IthacaGP coffee station.

Weather is looking quite wet for today's course preparations, but dry tomorrow so keep that in mind with your tire selection!

Stay tuned for photos and a course update later tonight!

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