Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just a few from today...

From my cellular communication device therefore not nearly the quality of the photos from J.Walter Photography HERE!

Serious heckling from the Kolo T.C. crew...

Brad White, Elite Men's champion (2x!) starting off his 'cx season at Ithaca again!

The ProGold bike wash was busy from the early rain.

Tallon makes Ithaca sound awesome.

It's a good thing CX Tape is a sponsor...

Smiling at the beginning

The size of this field alone is bigger than the first edition of the race.

Brad White, eventual winner, hopping his way to the Voler Prime

Parmalee didn't have enough fun in the Elite race so he raced in the SS event afterwards for kicks

This is where the best stories are told...

Fresh off the win!  On his way to clean his own bike at the ProGold bike wash

As if Ithaca wasn't hard enough, try one gear!

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